PRODUCTKF Moisture Titrator



Optional accessories

Compatibility of Main units and Options

MKV-710M/S/D MKV-710B MKC-710M/S/D MKC-710B MKH-710M
ADP-611 Yes Man
(Yes *4)
Yes Man
(Yes *4)
ADP-511S No No No No No
ADP-512S Man Man Man Man Man
ADP-512 Man Man Man Man Man
ADP-513 Man Man Man Man Man
ADP-344 Man Man No No Man
CHK-501 No No Yes Man
(Yes *4)
KHM-510S Yes Yes No No Yes
Sampler Man Man Man Man Man
Titration Vessel Man Man Man Man Man
1 Component Inner Burette No No Yes Yes No

Yes : Can be connected and automatically operated
Man : Can be connected and manual operated
No : Not compatible
*1 :
ADP-512 : Evaporator for measurement of combined water in iron ores
*2 :
ADP-512S : Evaporator for measurement of water in ores, metallic powder, ceramics and other solids and powder materials by high heat (maximum: 1000°C)
*3 :
ADP-513 : Evaporator for measurement of water in oils
*4 :
When it is used to connect "KF-Win".



■Hybrid Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator MKH-710M.pdf

■Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator MKV-710 MKC-710.pdf






■Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator (DI support model) MKV-710D MKC-710D.pdf

■Software for Moisture Titrator KF-Win.pdf

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