Warranty and servicing information

Warranty and servicing information

Thank you for choosing KEM products.
All of our products and parts are manufactured in accordance with the product specifications and are shipped after passing our inspection under strict control.
Repair and maintenance are carried out by our trained personnel; however, in the event that a defect or failure occurs during the warranty period due to our fault, we will remedy such defect at our cost by way of replacement or repair of the defective product.

Warranty period, limitation of warranty scope

Warranty period

1. Unless otherwise agreed between the customer and our company or our distributors in the specifications or contract, the warranty period for the product shall be one (1) year from the date the customer has received the product or the date our authorized service personnel has completed installation of the product.

2. The warranty period for the service parts required for a periodic check shall be three (3) months from the completion of the check.

3. The warranty period for the repair parts or the consumable parts sold by us shall be three (3) months from the date the customer has received the parts.

4. The warranty service shall be carried out at our option either by way of repair or replacement of the defective product/parts.

5. The warranty period may not apply if the life of the product is affected by the environment, conditions or frequency of use, or the way you have used.

6. In the event of a failure during the warranty period, contact your distributor with the warranty card. Note that you will be charged for repair if the warranty card is not attached or if the date of purchase cannot be identified.

7. The warranty period for the repaired or replaced part shall run for three (3) months from the completion of repair or replacement of the part, or for the remainder of the initial warranty period of the product to which the repaired or replaced part is mounted, whichever is longer.

* Contact your distributor for queries about servicing after the warranty period.

Limitation of warranty scope

Even during the warranty period, this warranty does not apply to defects or failure that has occurred as a result of any of the following, and you will be charged for repair:

1. Parts are replaced, or the product is repaired or altered by anyone other than KEM personnel or our authorized personnel (e.g. yourself or an unauthorized third party);

2. Service parts or consumable parts - not specified by KEM - are used;

3. You do not follow the operating environment, usage, maintenance or storage as described in the operation manual or maintenance instructions. Or in the event of failure or malfunction due to the usage outside of the scope or conditions specified in the product brochure or specifications, including but not limited to the following:

1) Breakage or failure due to careless handling such as dropping or submersion;
2) Breakage or failure due to excessive force applied to glassware or resin;
3) Malfunction or a leak caused by the sample properties (corrosiveness, solid material, etc.);
4) Failure caused by instruments, parts, chemicals, etc. other than the concerned product;
5) Fatigue or wear of parts due to excessive use;
6) Battery leakage.

4. Mandatory check or maintenance is not performed;

5. Transfer or transportation after delivery or installation;

6. Fire, earthquake, lightning strike, floods or other natural disasters.

In addition, repair, check and warranty will immediately lapse if the specification or function of the product or parts is modified or altered by unauthorized personnel.

* This warranty does not limit your legal rights.

Supply of repair parts

1. After the discontinuation of the product, parts will basically be available for purchase for seven (7) years, and repair service will be provided. This will not apply to products we do not make such as personal computers, etc.
Note, however, that in the event that repair parts cannot be procured and no alternatives are available, such repair parts may not be supplied even before seven years have passed.

2. We do not sell parts alone that require adjustment, tuning or checking by KEM personnel or our authorized personnel in order to bring out the original performance of the product after repair or replacement of the parts. Make sure to ask for the replacement work when placing an order with your distributor for such parts.

3. This warranty does not apply to defects or failure that has occurred as a result of replacement work by yourself using the parts that were purchased from us.

Warranty period, repair support period

1. Under normal use and proper storage, repair or maintenance of the product is supported for ten (10) years after being manufactured. (This period may become shorter depending on conditions of use or storage.) In consideration of the following, however, performance after repair or maintenance shall not be guaranteed:

1) Difficulty in procuring the same level of parts as the initial delivery due to production discontinuation or improvement of parts;
2) Decrease in accuracy due to product’s life;
3) Limitations of maintenance due to increase in costs for equipment maintenance;
4) Obsolescence in technology or functionality.

2. Repair is not supported for the product after fifteen (15) years from being manufactured as it is difficult to maintain the performance over the years.

* In the event that the same defects or failure occurs within three (3) months after the charged repair during the repair support period, another no-charge repair will be provided. (This is limited to the same defects or failure occurring on the same parts. Repair for different defects or failure shall be charged.)

Limitation for repair and replacement

Repair support may not be provided in the event of the following:

1. If the problem appears to rarely be reproduced and cannot be reproduced based on our diagnostic process (including temperature and humidity tests, vibration test, etc.) at the time of your repair request, we may just carry out checking, adjustment and/or calibration as is, which will be charged.

2. our repair request may not be accepted if the product is heavily damaged.

3. Checking or repair service at a user’s site may be declined if the product is installed in an unsafe environment or if such an environment is hazardous to humans.


Regardless of whether within the warranty period or not, we are not responsible for damage caused by any reason not attributable to us; your opportunity loss or lost profits caused by malfunction or failure of our product; as well as, with or without our foresight, damage or secondary damage caused by particular circumstances; accident compensation; compensation for damage to products other than ours and for other services.

We are not responsible, either, for any physical or economic damage derived from the use of our products, or for the loss of stored data during the repair work of products.

Request to customers

In order to enable us to provide you with smooth and reliable repair service, we would like you to be reminded of the following:

1. Please provide us with the information (how you use the product, environment of use, details of failure or defect including data and/or documents, etc.) that is required to carry out repair;

2. Please provide a safe working environment to our service personnel and allow them to use incidental facilities (tables, chairs, AC power, etc.) during the on-site servicing at the customer’s location.

3. We may use consumables (batteries, recording paper, reagents, etc.) of the customer for the repaired product during the on-site servicing at the customer’s location.

4. During the warranty period, make sure to have the “warranty card” ready with the product. Especially when there is a big gap between the date of manufacture and the delivery date due to longtime storage in the distribution process, the “warranty card” is required to prove that the product is still under warranty.

5. Periodic inspections and calibrations are not intended to guarantee the performance of the inspected product during its expiration date but are carried out in order to verify the soundness of the product at the time of inspection.

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