KEM Aqua Karl Fischer Reagents
“KEMAQUA Series"

Karl Fischer Reagent “KEMAQUA Series" is a reagent made by Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing for use with Karl Fischer Moisture titrator. It is available for a wide range of samples.



Volumetry Reagents

Part Number Name Volume Purpose
1205025 KEMAQUA Titrant TR-5 500ml Volumetric-Titrant
120502502 KEMAQUA Titrant TR-3 500ml Volumetric-Titrant
120502503 KEMAQUA Titrant TR-1 500ml Volumetric-Titrant
120502504 KEMAQUA Solvent MET for General 500ml For general samples
120502505 KEMAQUA Solvent OIL 500ml For Oils
120502506 KEMAQUA Solvent FAT 500ml For Oils and Fats
120502507 KEMAQUA Solvent KET 500ml For Ketone
120502508 KEMAQUA Solvent SA 500ml For Sugar

Coulometry Reagents

Part Number Name Volume Purpose
120502509 KEMAQUA Anolyte AO 500ml For Oils
120502510 KEMAQUA Anolyte AGE 500ml For General sample
120502511 KEMAQUA Anolyte AKE 500ml For Ketone
120502512 KEMAQUA Catholyte CGE 5mL x 10pcs Coulometric-Cathode

Water Standards

Part Number Name Volume Purpose
120502516 KEMAQUA Water Standard 10 8mL x 10pcs Water Standard for Volumetric
120502517 KEMAQUA Water Standard 1 5mL x 10pcs Water Standard for Coulometric
120502519 KEMAQUA Solid Standard 3.8 10g Water standard for Evaporator
120502526 KEMAQUA Solid Standard 5.5 10g Water standard for Evaporator


European Pharmacopoeia / 2.5.12. WATER: SEMI-MICRO DETERMINATION

European Pharmacopoeia / 2.5.32. WATER: MICRO DETERMINATION

United States Pharmacopeia–National Formulary / 38 <921> WATER: DETERMINATION

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