Company Policy・Management Philosophy

Company Policy

Human Development and Product Development with a Benevolent Mindset
—Striving for a Society with a Heightened Level of Happiness—

Benevolence is on par with wisdom, and stands at the head of the list of five Confucian virtues (benevolence, justice, courtesy, wisdom, and sincerity). Confucius defines benevolence as cordiality, and he uses it in his saying that those who are skilled in flattery and adept at impression management are often lacking in benevolence. People are never happy apart from others. It is precisely when one’s surroundings and society as a whole are happy that one also feels happy. Accordingly, at KEM, we learn from the principle of “Sampo Yoshi,” a philosophy of corporate social responsibility pioneered by a group of Japanese merchants called the Omi Shonin, who were active nationwide in the Edo and Meiji periods. In accordance with their approach, we dedicate ourselves to operating in such a way that society, our customers, and our employees are all happy.
In order to achieve this, KEM as a whole strives to develop sensitivity in our employees so that they can make an impression on others. We encourage all of our employees to work with a sense of joy, striving to create a company and society with heightened levels of happiness through product development based on authenticity and sincerity.

Management Philosophy

We strive to create a society with a heightened level of happiness, aiming to be an admirable company of value, administered in line with the philosophy of “Sampo Yoshi.”


We show consideration towards everything that exists on the planet simultaneously.

Human Development

Our employees themselves train on a daily basis to improve their interpersonal skills and technological capabilities.

Product Development

We work wholeheartedly to create top class products of service to society, while conscious of our own happiness.

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