Analytical instruments

Automatic Titrator

Automatic Potentiometric Titrator is the titration system to determine concentration of target substance in liquids or solids. Operated easily and resulting quickly with high precision and accuracy. By changing the electrode and preamplifier, those titrations like acid base, redox and photometric can be equally performed as well.

KF Moisture Titrator

Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator is measure micro amount of water content which exists in liquid or in solid sample material. Operated easily and resulting quickly with high precision and accuracy. The Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator of KEM has supported the analysis for many years since the 1960s.

Density / Specific gravity meter

Density Meter is the oscillating type density/specific gravity meter designed for measurement of density of sample solution. Operated easily and resulting quickly with high precision and accuracy.

Refractometer / Brix meter

Refractometer is a digital refractometer to measure the liquid sample. Measure at desired temperature for its refractive index in a short span of time.


Viscometer is measured the viscosity of liquids based on the EMS(Electro Magnetically Spinning) method. With simple operation, this instrument enables you to quickly measure a small amount of sealed liquid, bringing about results of good precision. Disposable containers also free you from cleaning sample containers after measurement.

Food and Beverage Analyzers

Analytical instruments for food and beverage It is an analytical instrument for food and beverage industry. It is easy to operate and can measure accurately and quickly.

Analytical Software

The software is designed to connect analytical instruments and personal computers to manage analysis data. It can be used to control and analyze various types of equipment.

Thermal measuring instruments

Thermal Measuring Instruments

Our Thermal Measuring Instruments measure a number of thermophysical properties such as thermal conductivity and heat flow of various substances and materials whether high or low in temperature. Easy to operate and delivers highly accurate results fast!

WBGT Meter

Our WBGT Meters are used to measure “Wet Bulb Globe Temperature” (WBGT). The WBGT index is used to inform users of the risk of heat stress in sporting, working, and various other settings. The meters simultaneously measure relative humidity, atmospheric temperature, wet bulb temperature, and globe temperature.

Thermal Measuring Software

The software is designed to connect our thermal measuring instruments to a personal computer in order to manage data analysis. It can be used to control and analyze data from various types of equipment.

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