Analysis Software for Titration Results

This software allows to capture the data stored in the titrators (AT-710B,AT-700,MKA-610, MKC-610, AT-610 and AT-510) on a personal computer through CF memory card to manage/analyze titration results.



  • Can capture titration results stored in titrator on PC through CF memory card and manage/analyze them.
  • Central management of data as much as PC memory storage allows.
  • Quick data selection by the data extraction feature of PC.
  • Automatic report generation in Microsoft® Word format by outputting stored data.
  • Comparison of more than one plotting results on the same PC screen display (only AT-710B,AT-700,AT-610 and AT-510) and statistical work of measured data for further analysis of measurement results.
  • Such features as EP re-detection (AT-710B,AT-700,AT-610) or recalculation allow to re-analyze measurement results.


Measuring instruments compatible with this software include:

(1) Automatic Potentiometric Titrator : AT-710B/AT-700/AT-610/AT-510
(2) Volumetric Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator : MKA-610
(3) Coulometric Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator : MKC-610

Minimum System Requirements for PC

Operating System Windows® 10 Pro 64bit
Windows® 7 Professional 32bit
Processor Personal Computer on which the above operating system is installed
Hard-disk space At least 500 MB
Monitor “1024 x 768” or higher resolution
One slot for PC card Standard Type II or external CF card reader
(When using AT-610/MKA-610/MKC-610/AT-510 with CF card)
USB port Yes (When using AT-710/AT-700 with USB flash)

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