Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “we”), in order to perform operations in a smooth manner, acquires and uses information by which a person can be discerned, such as name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address (hereinafter “personal information”).

We believe that it is our serious social responsibility to appropriately protect the important personal information of our customers. In order to fulfill this responsibility, we shall handle personal information as follows:

1. We ask that personal information be provided voluntarily

In cases where an individual does not wish to provide personal information to us, it is possible to elect not to provide personal information or to have personal information deleted. However, please understand that there are services which we can only provide to customers who have provided the personal information we request.

2. We shall clearly indicate the purpose for use of personal information

On our website, notice is made concerning the purpose of use of personal information. We shall not use the personal information of customers for any purpose other than that which has been made notice of. The purposes of use are as follows:

Purposes of use of personal information

  • Sending of documents, papers, catalogs, plans, etc. related to transactions such as “estimates”, “bills”, “orders”, etc.
  • Operations related to the sending of products and/or parts, delivery, installation, pick-up, repair, inspection, after-service, recalls, etc.
  • Notice and PR concerning new products, services, etc.
  • Notice concerning exhibitions, product releases, events and functions, etc.
  • Requests for surveys and research, inquiries concerning product use situation, etc.
  • Replies to customer inquiries
  • Performance of other operations necessary to other activities listed above

3. We shall appropriately manage personal information

The personal information provided by our customers shall be managed as information important to us, and in addition to taking sufficient measures to avoid improper access, leakage, loss, etc., we shall utilize that information effectively to benefit customers as much as possible within the range of the purpose of use.

4. As a principle, personal information will not be disclosed to third parties

Except in the situations applicable to the following cases, we will not disclose or provide personal information provided by customers:

1. Cases where we have obtained agreement from customers.

2. Cases where information is disclosed to an external contractor with whom we have previously entered into a confidentiality agreement, and where we have deemed such disclosure to be within the range of necessity.

3. In cases where it is necessary to protect human life, persons, or property, it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer in question.

4. In cases where disclosure of personal information is required by law, etc.

5. We are not responsible for outside websites to which our website links

In cases where our website contains links to other websites, we have no relation with or knowledge of the operations or management of those websites. Therefore, please be advised that we cannot be responsible for the handling of personal information of those websites.

6. Concerning inquiries about personal information

We ask that customers direct inquiries concerning their own personal information, changes to that content, deletion, etc., to the reception center below:
Further, please be advised that in order to prevent leakage of personal information to third parties, we shall only accept the processing of information content disclosure, correction, deletion, stoppage of use, removal, etc. in the following address and only in the reception methods below:

Reception Center

68, Ninodan-cho, Shinden, Kisshouin, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan 601-8317
Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Management Affairs Department, Personal Information
FAX : +81-75-691-4127

Reception Methods

In a facsimile, postal mail, or electronic mail, please provide your name, address, telephone number, and the content of your request. We will then contact you.
(We are very sorry, but we cannot accept requests by telephone.)

Further, depending on the content of inquiries, we may provide a prescribed application. Please be advised that a certain number of days may be needed before a reply can be made.

Confirmation of Identity or Person or Representative

When a person is requesting the disclosure, etc. of their own information, in order to confirm their identity, we ask that persons provide either a confirmation of their registration with us and (a copy of) their driver’s license.

When a request is made by a representative, we will request a letter of proxy, a certification of seal, and will confirm with the actual person.

Further, regarding the postal cost, etc., necessary to requests, please be advised that these are to be assumed by the customer. We can provide details upon receipt of requests.

7. Other Items

As this policy regarding personal information will be revised when appropriate, we ask that customers confirm updated content at regular intervals.

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