NEW PRODUCT: The WBGT Meter 300 series. Your Partner in Heat Stress Prevention!

Our new WBGT-300 series meters are convenient and powerful tools for measuring the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT), an index used to predict heat exchange between the human body and the environment to understand the risk of heat stress. Summertime incidents of heatstroke at work, in sports, at schools, at large events, etc. are being reported in increasing numbers in recent years, with various government and specialist organizations increasingly turning to WBGT determination as a vital tool in preventing heat-related illness.

Product Overview

The new WBGT-300 series meters allow easy and highly-precise measurement of WBGT. With Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) Class 1.5 performance, water resistance, lightning-quick response times, and more, they meet and exceed market demands. Depending on your needs, the meters can be used on the go, or installed on the wall or on a tripod, giving you the flexibilty you desire. A pioneering company in WBGT analysis technology, Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing is proud to present the latest in its reliable and powerful meters.

Product Features

■ JIS B 7922 Class 1.5 compliant instrument, meaning very high performance and reliability
The WBGT-300 series meters conform to the Japanese Industrial Standard “JIS B 7922” (measurement of WBGT with a digital analyzer), with the performance of a “Class 1.5” instrument. Even at a compact size, these meters deliver highly reliable WBGT data thanks to the adoption of high-precision sensors.

■ High Water Resistance
The instruments have IPX5 water resistance for peace of mind in the event of sudden rain. Even if the sensor gets wet, simply wiping or airing it dry will restore its function.

■ Replaceable Sensor
The Temperature/Humidity Sensor and Black Globe are easy to replace by the user if necessary.

■ USB Type-C Port
Measurement data can easily be collated and transferred to a PC using USB Type-C cable (sold separately).
The instrument can also be powered via the USB port, perfect for installation and extended operation time

■ Large, Easy-To-View Screen
The WBGT is displayed prominently on a large LCD screen alongside humidity & other temperature values, reducing the need to cycle through screens.
The display’s layout is customizable.

■ Outstanding Responsiveness
The globe of the WBGT-300 series is made of high-quality brass, giving it with superb heat conductivity.
Thanks to its industry-leading compact size (30mm), it boasts superior response times.


■ For sports, schools, clubs, general use

■ For workplaces/industrial settings

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