Announcement of the launch of the new bench-top Density/Specific Gravity Meter DA-860/850/840 and Auto Sampler AS-8030

As a long-established company, KEM has inherited the traditions and technologies that has been passed down from its predecessors for more than 40 years, ever since the first Japanese oscillation-type density meter was released in 1978. Currently, we have released the DA-860/850/840, which is the most advanced models of the density/specific gravity meter designed to meet the market needs, and the Auto Sampler AS-8030. DA-860/850/840 and AS-8030 are thoroughly pursued reliability, convenience, and efficiency.

Density/Specific Gravity Meter DA-860/850/840
1. High reliability
2. Enhanced operability and expandability by separating
 the operation unit from the measurement unit
3. Less measurement time
 Minimum 10 seconds with 4-digit accuracy
4. 5 selectable pump unit
5. Improvement of work efficiency by multiple simultaneous
6. Space-saving compact design
 Approx. 20% less footprint compared to the conventional model

Auto Sampler AS-8030
1. Reduce running costs by highly effective rinsing
2. 4 selectable flow unit
3. Space-saving compact design
  Approx. 50% less footprint compared to the conventional model
4. Less drying time by high flow pump
5. Reduce sample waste by auto sample retrieving
6. Easy and proper sampling and measurement while pressurizing

•Determination of market price or taxes for crude oil and petroleum products, such as fuel oil or lubricant.
•Purity control and quality control of chemical products.
•Brix measurement as production process control and quality inspection for milk products, carbonated drinks, fruit juice, etc.
•Alcohol degree or extract concentration measurement of beer, whisky, brandy, wine, distilled spirit and sake, etc.
•Brix measurement of sugar solution, syrup solution, high-fructose corn syrup, seasoning, etc.
•Density measurement of pharmaceuticals based on USP, EP, JP and ChP.
•Quality control of fats and oils such as vegetable oils or animal oils.
•Quality control of fragrances, chemicals, etc.
•Quality control of surface preparation agent such as etching solution or pickling solution.

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